Email opt out, unsubscribes and bounces

  • Using the standard Salesforce email opt out field to manage subscriptions.

  • View the subscription status of your contacts in Salesforce.

Unsubscribes and bounces

If a person unsubscribes from an email their subscriber list state will be updated to unsubscribed.  Similarly, if a person's record has hard bounced then their subscriber member state will be updated to bounced.

You can find out more in Campaign Monitor bounce types Click here.

These updates can be found in two spots within Salesforce.

  1. Subscriber list membership record.

  2. As an email tracking statistics record.

Bounce Management

If you have a Salesforce contact or lead that has a subscriber membership record, with a state of bounced due to an incorrect email address you can fix this in Salesforce. Simply update the standard email address and the record will be updated in Campaign Monitor and marked active again.

Bounce Reporting

As mentioned above you can see the fact a person is bounced at the subscriber list membership level. If you want to find out more detailed information you can create a report using our email tracking history object in Salesforce. In the report if you include the activity type, bounce type and activity date you should have the information you need.

1. The activity type can be filtered on bounced
2. The bounced type will show if it was a hard or soft bounced
3. The activity date will show when the bounce occurred

For more information on bounced types please see -

Suppression List

The suppression list is a part of Campaign Monitor it a special list that stores the record that have either unsubscribed or hard bounced. To help we do store a copy of the suppression list in Salesforce which is available via Salesforce report.

Email opt out

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce can work with the standard Salesforce email opt out field found on the contact and lead objects. To set how you want the email opt out field to work you will need to go to our General Settings tab. This Article explains how the options work in detail.

See: Troubleshooting Guide

If you don't see the Campaign Monitor admin app you will need to ask your Salesforce administrator to provide you with our full permission set.

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