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  • Billing is handled by Salesforce checkout.

  • Checkout only support monthly billing paid by card.

  • In app you can change billing details, view and resend invoices.


Our fees are separate to both Campaign Monitor and Salesforce. Like Campaign Monitor we use a tiered pricing scheme. So for example if you have between 10,000 and 15,000 active subscribers, your fee for our integration will be US$40 per month. To calculate your monthly fee, you can use our calculator.

Should your active subscriber count change we will automatically move you to the appropiate tier. This will be shown on your next invoice receipt.

Non profits

If you are a non profit we can provide a 15% discount. The first step is to use the instructions above to purchase, this will setup an account and subscription. Then contact us requesting the discount code to be applied along with your Salesforce Org Id.


Salesforce controls billing  but we make it easy to start the process simply go to our billing tab in Salesforce and click on the subscribe now button. This will provide some onscreen information before taking you to Salesforce AppExchange to buy now.
Once purchased you will receive an invoice receipt generally within one hour. Going forward you will be automatically charged according to you billing tier every month. Again we will send an email invoice receipt confirming this.

Manage Billing

Billing is all handled by Salesforce Checkout. To help, we have provided direct links within our application to make things a little easier. The button below will take you to our billing screen within your Salesforce Org.

If you can't access the billing page please ask your Salesforce administrator to provdide you with our full access permission set.

Changing Plan

The billing screen (shown above) allows you to change plan. So if you'd like to upgrade to our Enterprise plan simply:

1. Go to our billing page.
2. Click the Change Plan button.
3. Once clicked you will see a pop-up this will show the pricing change,
4. Select the Enterprise tile and then Change Plan.
The change will instantly update your Salesforce org and give immediate access to the Enterprise features. The change in price will be applied when you are next billed.

You can only upgrade if you have already purchased our premium plan. If you are trying our product and would like to buy our enterprise plan first purchase the same premium plan.  Once the license is active follow the steps above to upgrade.


If your license has expired, our application will be suspended and hidden from view. To repurchase (the link also works for purchasing if you are new), please click this direct link and follow the onscreen instructions. Once complete, your license will be active again, and your data will re-appear.  The repurchase process will also allow you to update your contact and card details.


As mentioned above Salesforce controls the purchasing process we have very little control. If you have tried to purchase and that has not worked you can try the direct link above in the repurchase section.

If that does not work you might need to r Salesforce. Salesforce will want to make sure our application is installed in your production org and you have access to checkout. The best way to confirm this is Salesforce AppExchange account.

Essentially Salesforce wants to see our application is installed and in trial. When you click the dropdown you can see the buy now option, but when you try that it does not work.

Next Steps

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