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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Beaufort 12?

Beaufort 12 is a Salesforce integration specialist. We built the integration between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor. Our fees are seperate to both companies.

What is an active subscriber?

This is an email address that is active on a subscriber list.

What if the same email address is active on multiple lists?

Each time an email address appears on a list, it is counted as an active subscriber. For example, if the same email address is found on five different lists, it will be counted as five active subscribers.

What if my subscriber count changes?

Every month, on the anniversary of your billing date, we automatically check your subscriber count and bill accordingly.

Do you offer a free trial of your product?

You can install a free 14-day trial that includes all of the premium features. Trials can be installed in production or sandbox. After 14 days, you will be automatically moved to our limited free plan unless you have purchased our premium or enterprise plan.

What if I need onboarding help?

Our products are easy to set-up. But if you don't have the time or need a little help we have a partner that can onboard you. Simply contact us for more details.

How does purchasing work?

Purchasing is handled by Salesforce Checkout which supports most cards types. All pricing is in US Dollar. Every month your subscription will auto-renew.

Is support included?

Basic product support is provided by our UK based team through email only. Our Enterprise Plan provides prioritized support.

Am I locked in for a period of time?

You can change your plan type or cancel at any time.

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