Creating Salesforce records

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  • Create Salesforce contacts or leads.

  • Map additional fields.

When you connect Salesforce to Campaign Monitor, synced list members are matched with your contacts and leads using the standard Salesforce email address.  By default, contacts or leads aren't created using Campaign Monitor data. You can change this behaviour for each subscriber list, so if a matching contact or lead isn't found when syncing, we will attempt to create it.

Creating Salesforce records

  1. In Salesforce, go to the Subscriber list tab.

  2. Select the subscriber list you want to work with by clicking the List name.

  3. Select Create records from the vertical navigation.

  4. Click the Edit button.

  5. Click on the Create Salesforce record action dropdown and choose to create contacts or leads.

  6. Click Save.

Default values

On the same page, you can assign default values that can be useful in different scenarios. For example, you could set the default lead source to be Campaign Monitor. Or you could make sure all created records are done so under a particular Salesforce User (using their Salesforce record owner Id). To start simple click the Add Default button. Once added we recommend testing to make sure the process works as expected.

It is worth noting that currently multi-select pick list fields are not supported as they need special treatment.

Ensure all Salesforce required fields are either mapped or have default values otherwise records may not be created.

Changes only apply to new subscribers. If you would like to retrospectively create new Salesforce records from existing subscribers, you will need to do a full sync.

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