Salesforce Campaigns

  • Connect Salesforce campaigns with Campaign Monitor.

  • Add Salesforce campaign members to a list in Campaign Monitor.

  • View rolled up campaign tracking when a Salesforce campaign is linked to a Campaign Monitor campaign.

Working with Salesforce campaigns is optional given that the functionality is largely duplicated in Campaign Monitor. However, linking can be useful if you are working with multiple Salesforce campaigns in a hierarchical structure.

Link a Salesforce campaign

After you have sent an email campaign from Campaign Monitor:
  1. In Salesforce, create a new Salesforce campaign or open an existing record.

  2. In the Campaign Monitor statistics section, click Link to Campaign Monitor.

  3. Select an available campaign and click Link campaign.


Reasons why a Campaign Monitor campaign does not appear to be linked:
1. It has not been sent.
2. It is already linked.
3. It was sent before the primary sync has run.
4.You have too many campaigns (Salesforce's picklist does have a limit on the amount of values it can display).

Auto create Salesforce campaigns

On our general settings tab there is a screen for campaigns. On this screen you can turn on a feature that will automatically create Salesforce campaigns for each sent Campaign Monitor campaign. To learn more about campaign settings Click here.

Campaign member statuses

On the same screen, as above, you have the possibility of working with Salesforce Campaign Members. Here you can choose to update Salesforce Campaigns based on Campaign Monitor interactions with an email campaign.  For example if a person was sent an email and the opened it with this feature enabled we can update the Salesforce  Campaign Memebr status.

The integration will only create Campaign Monitor campaigns in Salesforce when they have actually been sent.  Depending on your sync settings it can take an hour (by default) from when the campaign has been sent to appear in Salesforce. This setting is not retrospective, campaigns will only be created after this setting is enabled.

Add Salesforce campaign members

To add Salesforce campaign members to a subscriber list in Campaign Monitor simply:
  1. Open Salesforce campaign.

  2. Go to the campaign member related list.

  3. Click on the Add members to subscriber list option.

When a campaign is linked between Salesforce and Campaign Monitor, any email members that were on the sent campaign will be automatically linked to the Salesforce campaign.

Campaign members fields

In addition to the standard Salesforce Campaign Member fields, the integration also contains the custom fields that provide details on the member activity. These fields can be optionally added to the Salesforce Campaign Member Page layout.
  1. Activity (wbsendit__Activity__c) - contains the type of activity, i.e. send, clicked, opened, unsubscribed and bounced

  2. Activity Date (wbsendit__Activity_Date__c) - date of the last Campaign Monitor activity.

  3. Opens (wbsendit__Opens__c) - shows number of times the subscriber opened this email campaign.

  4. Clicks (wbsendit__Clicks__c) - shows number of times the subscriber clicked links from this email campaign.

Campaign Influence

Salesforce Campaign Influence is how Salesforce Opportunities are associated to the Campaigns that created them. It can be a useful feature in Salesforce to setup if you are;

1. Sending emails from Campaign Monitor that are deal related
2. Using our integration to auto create Salesforce Campaigns based on sent Campaign Monitor Campaigns.

By enabling Salesforce Campaign Influence to be automatically linked to Salesforce Opportunties you can learn more here.
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