Why are Salesforce Campaigns not being auto-created?

One of our features allows you to auto-create Salesforce campaigns. When enabled, Salesforce campaigns are created every time the primary sync runs, which by default is every hour. When a Salesforce campaign is created, it is also linked to the Campaign Monitor campaign record that it is based on.

It is worth noting we only create five Salesforce campaigns to respect platform limits when the sync runs. However, via maintenance, you can tune this setting.  We create the oldest Salesforce campaigns first and then work our way forward with each additional sync. Most customers will not send over a hundred campaigns daily, so they will not notice the limit.

If Salesforce campaigns are not being created, there are a few things to check:

  1. Is the auto-create Salesforce Campaign option enabled?
  2. Does the Salesforce sync user have our full permission set?
  3. Does the Salesforce sync user have the standard Salesforce marketing user checkbox checked?
  4. Is the primary sync frequently running, recently, and successfully?
  5. Are there any errors reported in maintenance logs?
  6. Is there a filter date set in Campaign Settings?
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