Import Wizard

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  • Add records from any Salesforce object to Campaign Monitor.

  • Map Salesforce fields to Campaign Monitor custom fields.

  • Schedule to automate the process.

Creating an Import

Before you begin you will need a subscriber list adata source (Salesforce campaign, report, list view or SOQL statement.
  1. Go to the Subscriber list tab in Salesforce.

  2. Then click the label of the list i.e. SL-0001.

  3. Now click Import wizard then click the new import button.

  4. Select your data source and then click next.

  5. Map Salesforce fields to Campaign Monitor.

  6. Immediately start the import, or set up a schedule for future runs or both.

Salesforce limits report imports to 50,000 records. If you are using Salesforce Professional list view import are not supported.

Managing an Import

Once an import has been created, a record will show in the recent imports table. The record will show key information such as when it last ran, when it will next run, and who it runs as.In addition to the far right, there is a dropdown arrow. Once clicked, a sub-menu will show the following options:
  • Results - Shows the results of the last import.

  • Edit - Allows you to make changes to the import.

  • Delete - Will delete the import record.

  • Change user - Changes the running user of the import.

  • Run now - Runs the import immediatley once clicked.

It is worth noting that you can permanently delete subscribers from a Campaign Monitor subscriber list. If these records are imported in any way either via our integration or directly they will be considered as new susbcribers.

Advanced Settings

On the schedule page of the import wizard you will find a collapsed section for advanced features. For most customers these settings are not needed.

By default, the import wizard only adds and updates records.  But you can also enable replace and resubscribe features. The replace feature is visible here on the advanced settings page. Once enabled it will set records that are not in the import source to a status of deleted in Campaign Monitor. 

The re-subscribe setting is an option found on our general settings tab.  If it is enabled it will apply to all imports. To review the option please click here.

If you have mapped a field to Campaign Monitor that has a blank value in Salesforce. And you want this to also set the value in Campaign Monitor to blank. You first need to enable the clear blank value option.

A new Beta feature allows you to create a segment as part of the import wizard flow. This can be useful where you have a single subscriber list but would like to email only a few of those subscribers based on records in the import wizard. To make the feature visible on the import wizard, please click here to locate and enable the option.

Once the import completes:

1. A new multi-select picklist will be created in Campaign Monitor.  
2. All the  members of the import will have the value selected.  
3. A new Campaign Monitor segment will be created.

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