Can I automatically create a segement?

The import wizard can automatically create a segment.  A typical use case is to create a segment in Campaign Monitor based on the name of a Salesforce campaign. Please follow the steps below:

1. Ensure that Enable Import Wizard Segments is enabled - https://login.salesforce.com/apex/wbsendit__GeneralSettings?cmpid=1

2. On the last step of the import wizard, which includes the schedule, click Advanced. At the very bottom, you will see the option to Create Segment. The name will be automatically generated but you can change this.

When the process import starts:
  • A new custom field will be created in Campaign Monitor called Salesforce Segment.  The field is a multi-select picklist so it can be used more than once.
  • The records contained in the import wizard will have the segment name populated against their membership records in Campaign Monitor.
  • A segment will be created in Campaign Monitor using the Salesforce Segment field
Please note depending on the import size it can take a short time (typically less than 30 minutes) for the segment to show all records.
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