How is Campaign Monitor data linked to Salesforce records?

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce creates subscriber list membership and email tracking records in Salesforce. These are then linked to a Salesforce contact or lead record. The linking process works by matching the email address in Campaign Monitor to the one found in the standard Salesforce contact or lead field.

  • If no match is found - the records we create are not linked.
  • If duplicate email addresses are found, we match the most recently modified record.

How to override this behavior.

Using our import wizard, you can include the Salesforce contact or Lead ID. You can map the contact or lead ID to a particular field called Salesforce ID when you do this. You will see this as a mapping option within the wizard.

If you are adding the record for the first time

If the records you add are not in Campaign Monitor, then the process above is enough to link using the Salesforce ID.

The records are already in Campaign Monitor.

If the records already exist in Campaign Monitor, the process above still applies, i.e., use the import wizard to update/add the Salesforce ID record in Campaign Monitor. Then to re-parent the records, you need to perform a full refresh. This process will then detect the Salesforce ID and then use this to match.

Here is the support article on the import wizard.

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