Release Notes

Whenever we release a new feature or improvement we will update the section below. New versions are automatically pushed to Salesforce organisations on a regular basis. You can also manually upgrade by going to our listing and click the get it now button.

If you would prefer not to have updates pushed to your Salesforce organisation, please contact us.


May 26, 2021

Smart email enhancements for task creation

We have improved how tasks are created when working with Smart Emails.


May 25, 2021

Support Unconfirmed States

Additional support added for Campaign Monitor subscribers unconfirmed status.


May 12, 2021

Notify users of maintenance messages

Using Salesforce inbuilt notifications we are able to alert users to different messages.


May 9, 2021

Create missing picklist values for SOQL queries

Create missing picklist values for SOQL queries. Previously picklist values were only created for imports based on Reports, Campaigns and List Views.

Trim white space when searching via email audit

Improved the audit search feature by removing extra spaces.


April 23, 2021

Notify users of maintenance messages

Improved message alerts providing our users with in app help.


April 19, 2021

Improved messaging for Campaign Monitor errors

We have improved error handling to show additional Campaign Monitor errors for example when a transactional email domain has not been registered.


April 6, 2021

Update Campaign Monitor App Icon in Classic

Minor update to update the Campaign Monitor App icon when using Salesforce classic.


April 6, 2021

Audit Log / Filtered Notifications

We have split our maintenance messages so that you can now see user changes under a new tab called audit.


March 16, 2021

Audit Log

The audit log is a new feature the helps administrators keep track of changes to settings or features.


March 6, 2021

Order maintenance messages by date

Order maintenance messages by date to make it easier to view recent log entries.


February 7, 2021

Improve automated page layout setup

We automatically update your Salesforce page layouts when you install our product. Some times we run into a conflict and one or more pages will not be updated. This change will make the process more robust. To learn more about page layouts please click here.


January 20, 2021

Uninstall Process

To help make the process of uninstalling our product as easy as possible, should the need arise, we have provided an automated process. Click here to learn more.


January 19, 2021

Automatic Segment Creation

As part of the import wizard you can now create a segment automatically to learn more click here.

Improve Email Tracking History

Some customers will have a number of email tracking history records. We continue to tune the underlying processes to make this as efficient as possible.


January 8, 2021

Smart Email Search

This new feature add a search bar to the smart email page making it easier to find a template, to learn more click here.


December 4, 2020

Validation for individual email addresses

The validation button will run a complete import from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce, it will return:

  1. Success - i.e. no validation errors when importing the subscriber from Campaign Monitor
  2. Campaign Monitor failure - this is a failure message returned form Campaign Monitor.
  3. Salesforce failure - a generic Salesforce error, like required field not populated.

To learn more click here.