Quick Start

Eventbrite for Salesforce is an integration application built by Beaufort 12. The application allows you to sync data between Eventbrite and your Salesforce org seamlessly.

Eventbrite allows you to create a beautiful event listing page, with built-in payment processing, analytics and support. You can create and manage an event right from within Salesforce.

Beaufort 12 is a separate company from Eventbrite. If you have questions about Eventbrite, please reach out to them Directly.

Getting started

Getting started is easy if you have been using Eventbrite for a while and already have events; then that data will flow into Salesforce. If you are new to Eventbrite, you can create events right from within Salesforce.

Installation & setup

All Salesforce applications are installed via a standard wizard; the quick steps are below. If you need more detailed information, please click here.

  • Go to the Eventbrite for Salesforce AppExchange listing
  • Click the Get it now Button.
  • We recommend you select Admins only and once installed give users access via our permission sets.
  • Click Install.
  • Select Yes, grant access to these third-party websites then click Continue.
  • The installation will then install and shortly after you will receive confirmation from Salesforce via email.
  • In Salesforce, click the App menu/launcher, select Eventbrite admin.
  • Click Connect to Eventbrite, enter your Login details or create them then follow the on-screen prompts to access your account. Click Allow access when done.

The application will now be installed and setup. Your Salesforce page layouts will also be updated. The primary sync which pulls data from Eventbrite into Salesforce will be running and once complete will be scheduled to run every hour.

Creating & manage events

Creating or managing your events is very easy and can all be done within Salesforce. It is worth noting that although you are in Salesforce, this is all done within Eventbrite. This is covered in detail in this Article.


You can use Eventbrite data to either create records in Salesforce or enrich your data. Default mappings are turned off so you will need to set them up. There are a few options to consider all of which have been detailed in this Article.

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