What is Eventbrite for Salesforce

Eventbrite for Salesforce is a native Salesforce application that securely pushes data back and forth between Salesforce and Eventbrite to provide a seamless experience.

The application has been built by Beaufort 12 in collaboration with Eventbrite.

Key features

  • View your Eventbrite data alongside your Salesforce records.
  • Create Events from within Salesforce.
  • Create or update Salesforce leads, contacts or campaigns.
  • Build Salesforce reports and dashboards by combining Eventbrite data.


Salesforce org
Eventbrite for Salesforce works with Salesforce profession, enterprise and unlimited editions. You can install the package in your production or sandbox environment.

Any Eventbrite account, if you don't have one you can create an account during the connection process.

Trial & billing

To start the process you first need to install our application in your Salesforce production org. This will start a free fully featured 14 day trial, you can purchase at anytime. The base price is US$30 per month which includes 3 licenses. You can learn more on how billing works here.


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