Reports & Dashboard

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Events Made Easy (Eventbrite) comes with a number of pre-defined Salesforce reports and a dashboard that you can use straight away or configure to fit your needs.


All Eventbrite related reports can be found within the reports section of Salesforce and also via some screens within the Campaign Monitor for Salesforce app.

  1. Select Reports from the apps menu.

  2. Click on the All folders .

  3. Click the Eventbrite - Reports link.

Users will need to be given access to the Eventbrite reports folder unless they have the standard Salesforce system administrator profile.

Some reports are specific to a particular part of the application. You can access these reports where you see the Reports button within the app.

Typically these will add a filter to the report based on the location, i.e. if you are on the orders  screen, then running the report from that screen will filter the report using the selected event. The same report is also available under the main Salesforce reports area and you can choose to remove the filter or change as required.

Eventbrite dashboard

The Eventbrite - Event dashboard dashboard is provided as an example which you can customize to fit your needs.

  1. Select Dashboards from the apps menu.

  2. Click on the All folders.

  3. Click the Eventbrite - Event dashboard link.

Cross object filters

Cross object filters are a powerful way to work with your standard contact object and filter on related records. They are a standard Salesforce feature which can help in several ways for example you can create a filter to quickly see which contacts are attendees of an event to learn more, Click here.


Start by creating a Salesforce report based on the contacts and accounts report type. You can now add the fields and filters you need to include in the report. When you are ready to run the report, add the cross object filter:

a. Click Filters.
b. On the drop-down, click Add cross filter.
c. Add your criteria, i.e. Show me contacts with attendee records.

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