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Within Eventbrite and against an event you can collect any information you need (like meal preferences or T-shirt sizes). This is done by creating custom questions for attendees to answer when they register. This information is stored and reflected within Salesforce against the event. When attendees answer a question this information will also appear in Salesforce.

Although question creating is all handled within Eventbrite itself you can use our integration to create questions based on another event. This is a useful feature if you have events that ask the same questions. Instead of having to recreate them manually the integration will clone them. In addition you can also map Event answers to the Salesforce Contact or Lead objects.


As mentioned above Eventbrite allows you to create custom questions to learn more please refer to Eventbrite dedicated Support article on this topic. To help we have a dedicated button Create Questions that does two things:

1. Copy Questions from existing Event.
2. Create Questions in Evenbribte.

Copying Questions

Simply search for a previous an Eventbrite Event, once selected click Copy Questions. This process will create questions in Eventbrite based on the selected Event. This information will then be reflected back in Salesforce. It will appear on the questions and answers tab when a question has one or more answer. A question will also appear on the answer mappings screen.

Creating Questions

Selecting the creating questions option will enable the Create Questions button. Once clicked you will be logged into Eventbrite and taken specifically to the Event you are working on. Although a little hidden there is a toogle which says Customize Checkout questions this needs to be enabled to work with custom questions.

Sync Answers

As attendees start to answers questions these will first be stored in Eventbrite.  Then when our primary sync runs, every hour by default, this will be reflected in Salesforce. You can speed up this process by selecting sync answers as illustrated below.


The mappings screen allows you to map answers from questions to your Salesforce Contacts or Leads.

Beneath both tabs your Eventbrite questions will appear. These can then be mapped to a field on the Salesforce Contact or Lead objects, depending on the selected tab. We do try to use data type validation to help with this process. So for example a dropdown field in Eventbrite can only be mapped to certain field types back in Salesforce for example a picklist field.

Once the fields are mapped you can click the Save button. This will provide a prompt with additional information and it will also try to validate your mappings. The validation process does a high level check to see if the process will complete as expected. It can still be affected by custom code or validation rules.

The mappings will take a affect when the sync next runs, typically every hour, or if you manually click the sync answers button as described above.

Next Steps

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