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  • Combine the power of Eventbrite with Campaign Monitor or Emma.

  • Allows you to link a Eventbrite event to an email campaign.

  • See email tracking history against event attendee records.

This section on Events Made Easy (Eventbrite) focuses on emails. If you have our Campaign Monitor or Emma integration installed the tab shows how they can work with our Eventbrite product


Create Email

When you click the create email button a dialog box will open generating a link to your Eventbrite event. You can copy this to clipboard and then click build campaign to open either Campaign Monitor or Emma.

Link Event to Email

When you click the link email button a dialog box will open. You can then select or search for a sent campaign. Once linked the campaign will show in the table below with summarised information. The information is source from your Campaign Monitor email tracking history stored in Salesforce.

Event Related Emails

The event related emails tab will show email interaction and the individual level. If the campaign member is also an attendee of the Eventbrite event a link will appear.

Upgrade process

If you don't have either Campaign Monitor or Emma installed you will be prompted to install one of the packages.  This will start a free 14 day trial or those products. To learn more please see:

1. Campaign Monitor
2. Emma

Next Steps

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