Orders/ Attendees

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This section on Events Made Easy (Eventbrite) focuses on orders and attendees, including how to view, search, and manage attendee orders and attendee information.


  1. In Salesforce, click the Eventbrite Events tab. If there are previous events Recently Viewed events will be displayed.

  2. Click on the event you require information on. On the left hand side of the page select Orders/Attendees.

  3. View the details of the attendees, name, emails, ticket status, price paid etc..

  4. If you click the Edit button on an attendee this takes you to the Eventbrite page to edit the ticket buyers information

Rule Validation

Eventbrite orders or attendee records can be used to create or update Salesforce records. For example, if enabled, an attendee record could create or update a Salesforce Campaign Member record. For more information on this process please see mappings.

If the process is not working as expected you can test the mapping rules against a specific order or attendee record. The process will provid immediate feedback on any problem.

To validate rules please:

1. From the Orders / Attendees screen find an example record.
2. On the far right of the order / attendee record there is a dropdown.
3. From the dropdown menu click on validate rules.

Once selected a process will run to test mappings against the specific record and feedback any problems.

Next Steps

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