How do I work with sandboxes?

When refreshing a Salesforce sandbox, there may be some settings carried across from production. It is worth noting we do have some code that runs as part of the refresh to avoid this.  But in very rare scenarios, the code can be conflicted with. So to help we have two options to return settings to their default state. 

In addition to this we have two further options:

1. Before starting the sandbox refresh

When refreshing the Salesforce sandbox, there is now an option to run a post-installation script. You can enter the value EventbriteSandboxRefresh this will execute our code to clear out the settings. 

2. After the sandbox has been refreshed

a. Open the Salesforce developer console (developer console-->debug-->open execute anonymous window).
b. Enter in eb4sf.EB4SFAPI.initMappings();

c. Press Execute, this will take a few seconds to execute.

Either option will reset the main settings, after performing these steps you will need to connect to Eventbrite. 

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