How do I limit what Eventbrite data is stored in Salesforce?

You can control what data is stored in Eventbrite via the Sync Settings page on the Eventbrite settings tab.  This tab is found within the Eventbrite admin app.  You can click this link to go to that tab if you have access. If the link is not accessible ask your Salesforce administrator to provide you with the Eventbrite Full Access permission set.

Once on the sync settings page scroll down to the Salesforce Storage Settings section.  There you will see three options:
  1. Events (Days to Keep)
  2. Orders / Attendees (Days to Keep)
  3. Sync from Date
You can use any of these settings to limit the data that is stored in Salesforce. NB. you can only limit data older than 12 months.

In addition to this you can via the Mappings page, again on the Eventbrite settings tab. You can apply filters when creating Campaigns or Opportunities.
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