Merging or Renaming Records

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Merging or renaming Salesforce contacts can have different outcomes depending on the scenario. It is important to note that when a merge occurs in Salesforce, the losing record(s) will be deleted. So it's the same as if you had independently deleted a record in Salesforce. Below are some common scenarios with expected outcomes.

Renaming an email address

When you change the contact or lead email address in Salesforce which is also active in Emma, it will also update the email in Emma. If the new email address is already in use, the old email is archived in Emma and in Salesforce the audience membership record is linked to the renamed Contact or Lead.

When two Salesforce contacts are merged and they both have the same email address

The losing Salesforce record is deleted and the wining Salesforce record will contain the reference to the Emma audience record. The Emma membership record will be updated with the merged fields if they are mapped in Salesforce.Emma only allows an email address to appear once in the audience. An Emma audience record will only link to one Salesforce contact. Generally it is the record that has been most recently modified. When a merge occurs in Salesforce, the Emma audience record will appear under the winning contact.

When two Contacts are merged and have different email addresses

Merging Salesforce contacts that have different email addresses will result in the selected email address being parented to the winning record. The record will remain active in Emma. The other email address/addresses will be set to set to archive in Emma.

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