Manage general settings

  • Administration of Emma for Salesforce.

  • Email opt out/in settings.

  • Primary sync settings & storage management.

  • General maintenance messages.

  • Manage billing (card details, invoices etc).

General options

This page contains options which allow you to configure our application.
  • Prevent contacts or leads being added to lists when Salesforce email opt out is checked
    If the Salesforce email opt out field is checked on a contact or lead, then they cannot be added to any subscriber list in Emma. This setting is not retrospective - i.e. it will not automatically remove people from a subscriber list, it will come into effect when the 'Email opt out' field on a contact or lead is updated. When the 'Email opt out' is checked, the Salesforce user will see a message that says that the contact or lead cannot be added to a subscriber list.

  • Archive Contact or Lead from Emma when Salesforce Email Opt Out is checked
    When enabled, if a Salesforce record standard Email Opt Out field is checked they will be automatically archived in Emma.

  • Set Salesforce 'Email Opt' field to true when a member is unsubscribed in Emma
    Automatically update the 'Email Opt Out' field to true when the email is archived or removed from Emma. This field is updated when the primary sync next runs (typically hourly). Turn this off if you don’t want the standard Salesforce 'Email Opt Out' field to be updated by the Emma integration.

    Given that setting the 'Email Opt' field can result in the Salesforce Contact or Lead being updated, be sure there are no Salesforce validation rules that would prevent the update. Any conflicts will be available in the Maintenance Log.
  • Archive Emma subscriber when the Salesforce Contact or Lead is deleted
    If a Contact or Lead is deleted in Salesforce, move the corresponding membership record in Emma to the archive.

  • Archive Emma member when the email value is removed from a Salesforce Contact or Lead
    If a Contact or Lead email address is cleared out in Salesforce, move the corresponding membership record in Emma to the archive.

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