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This article refers to migrating from the old Emma Salesforce integration to the Beaufort 12 Salesforce integration.

Whilst there is currently no tools for automated migration, there are a few steps listed below that should make the process a lot smother.

Our Beaufort 12 application can be quickly and easily installed and setup. This can be alongside the old offering as well as being in a sandbox first for testing. It is also worth noting that your Emma data is safe in Emma itself we only take a copy of information to store in Salesforce.

Who is Beaufort 12?

Beaufort 12 is a Salesforce ISV integration partner. We are a separate company to Emma but have a strong working relationship with them their parent group (Campaign Monitor Group) and sister product Campaign Monitor. Our highly successful Campaign Monitor integration has been on the AppExchange for near 10 years and is used by thousands of companies each day. Emma for Salesforce is based on our Campaign Monitor offering.

Why switch to our integration?

  1. The old Emma integration will not be supported in the near future.

  2. Our integration has been built from the ground up using the latest techniques.

  3. It is backed up by a support site and team

  4. We actively add features and improvements on a regular basis.

Support is offered by email and our UK based team


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