Getting Started

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  • What is Emma for Salesforce.

  • An end to end product demo.

  • How the trial works, installation and setup steps.

What is Emma for Salesforce

Emma for Salesforce is an integration built by Beaufort 12. Our application allows you to seamlessly sync data between Emma and your Salesforce Org. Emma allows you to design and send your email campaigns. Once a campaign has been sent, view and report on the results directly in Salesforce. Should a person unsubscribe from an email both systems will be updated.

overview Video

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Beaufort 12 is a separate company from Emma. If you have questions about Emma, please reach out to them directly at


Before making any purchase decisions, we recommend trying our application.  You can install our product directly in your Salesforce production or sandbox org. Installation in production will start a free, fully-featured 14-day trial. Installing in a sandbox provides a trial that will last indefinitely but is for the sole purpose of testing.

Next Steps

Below are two articles that are recommended reading and the best next steps.


Why do I have to pay for Emma - EM

How do I buy?

How much does the integration cost?

How can I work with Salesforce reports?

Why do I have to pay for Emma - EM

How do I migrate from the old Emma integration?

Do you offer product demos?

How do I get a trial extension?

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