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  • Organize your contacts into groups (i.e. donors and volunteers, or customers, prospects, and partners).

  • If you already have groups set up in Emma these will be automatically available in Salesforce.

Viewing groups

Groups are visible from the Emma tab in Salesforce under the Emma groups menu option. On this screen you can see all Emma groups. Using the dropdown option next to a group you edit the name or delete the group.

You can also use this screen to create a new Emma groups. If you create a new group in Emma it will show in Salesforce when the sync next runs, by default every hour. If you click the refresh Emma groups button is will appear once the refresh has completed.

You can also select an Emma group by clicking on its name. This will take you to a screen specific for that group.

Adding Salesforce records to Emma groups

When you add a Salesforce record to Emma they will be, by default, added to the audience list in Emma. You can also choose to add them to one or more groups by the following methods:

  1. Import wizard.

  2. Salesforce audience record.

  3. From a Salesforce contact or lead.

Next Steps

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