Membership Records

  • View detailed information for a member (email address).

  • See which groups a member is on.

  • View Salesforce values stored in Emma for a member.

Emma membership records

From the related list on a contact or lead you can quickly see if a the record is part of the Emma audience and their current state i.e. active, unsubscribed or deleted.

Via our Emma audience related list you can add contact a lead to Emma.

When you click on the Emma audience record you will be taken to the membership record which has the following sub screens.

Custom values

Here you can see if the record is linked to a Salesforce contact or lead and their current subscriber state.  You can also manually change a person subscriber state. This sets the Email opt out status within Emma.  You cannot opt a person back in.

Mailing history

This screen shows any associated tracking email statistics. See: Mailing history

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