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Using Segments

Segments are perfect to use when you need to email specific contacts. They use the custom field data that resides in Emma to filter out which contacts to target. The data can be added to custom fields using our Import Wizard.

A typical workflow is:
  1. Configure an Import wizard to upload Salesforce data into Emma (i.e. age, industry etc). This only needs to be done once.

  2. Create an Emma segment based on the uploaded Salesforce data (i.e. filter where industry = tech and custom has opened an email in the last 7 days)

  3. Run an Emma email based on that segment

We recommend using Segments over Groups. Segments are dynamic and can be driven from Salesforce data (i.e. age, industry etc). This means you don't have to worry about have lots of groups and manually moving contacts between them. Simply create a segment on existing Salesforce data that has been synced to Emma and use to target your audience.

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