Field mappings

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  • Map fields from Mailchimp to Salesforce.
  • Create Salesforce records.
  • Map fields from Salesforce to Mailchimp.
Field mappings
Field mappings are a feature that allow you to map Mailchimp to Salesforce contact or lead fields in either direction. Below are two interactive demos that cover how this feature works. Turn on sound to get more information from the narrator. At the bottom of this article you will see FAQs.

Mailchimp to Salesforce

Field mappings in the direction of Mailchimp to Salesforce are updated every time the primary sync runs, typically every hour.

Salesforce to mailchimp

For a user to trigger field mappings in the direction of Salesforce to Mailchimp they must have one of our permission sets assigned.

Next Steps

Below are two articles that we recommend reading and the best next steps.


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