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Email Opt Out
  • Opt outs via Mailchimp will be automatically sycned to Salesforce.

  • You can also directly opt out via Salesforce.

  • Update Salesforce standard email opt out field.

Email opt out - Mailchimp

When a person unsubscribes from a Mailchimp email this will be shown in the Mailchimp membership component within Salesforce, once the sync has run or the refresh icon is clicked.

How to opt out in Salesforce

It is easy to opt a person out of one or more Mailchimp audiences. Below is a short interactive guide showing the steps.

Whenever you add or remove a member from an audience in Salesforce, the changes are immediately synchronized with Mailchimp, ensuring near real-time data consistency.

Salesforce standard Email Opt Out

Optionally you can choose to update the standard email opt out field found on either the contact or lead every time the primary sync runs. If the corresponding Mailchimp audience member has unsubscribed from all lists we will set the email opt out field to true. Below is an interactive demo on how to enable the option.
Points to note:
The email opt out field in Salesforce is not exclusive to our integration so might is often updated by users, processes or other apps.

If you uncheck the field it will be updated back to checked on the next sync if the person remains unsubscribed in Mailchimp.

If a person becomes active again this will not update the email opt out field to unchecked.

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