How does matching work?

Our integration will create Mailchimp audience membership records and, optionally, email tracking records in Salesforce. These records can be matched or linked to a Salesforce contact or lead record if one exists.

Email Field Matching: By default, the system matches Mailchimp members to Salesforce contacts or leads using the standard email address field. You can optionally select additional custom email fields via the matching screen.

If multiple Salesforce contacts or leads share the same email, further steps are taken to refine the match.

1. Name Comparison: If an email match finds more than one contact or lead, we then use the first and last names of the contact or lead. This secondary level of comparison significantly reduces the chances of incorrect linkages.

2. Last Modified: If, after comparing email addresses and the name fields, we still find duplicates, we will match them to the most recently modified record.

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