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In this article we will cover how to purchase, and the different options to manage billing.


The interactive guide below walks you through how to purchase our product. If you have questions on pricing please review the dedicated page here.

Billing Portal

After you've subscribed, we'll automatically send you an email invoice for your records. If there's ever a need to update your payment method or billing contact information, you can easily do so through our dedicated billing console. Here’s how to access it:

1. Navigate to Mailchimp Settings.
2. Select the Billing option.
3. Click on Billing Portal as shown below.

If you don't see the Maichimp Settings tab in Salesforce you might not have our permission set. Please ask your Salesforce administrator to assign it.

Non profit Discounts

We are a small company and margins are very tight. Platform and processing fees are very high so the amount we receive is substantially less than the published prices. What we do receive goes back into our business to actively support and develop our products.

But to help we can provide a 10% discount to an organisation with non-profit status. To get this discount, you will first need to sign up and purchase our product.  This will create a license and subscription in Salesforce.  Then contact us with proof of your non-profit status and we can apply a discount against your subscription which will be used on all future invoices.


You will receive an invoice every you are charged, similar to the example provided below. This invoice not only details your subscription but also offers convenient options for managing it. Specifically, you have the ability to directly download both the invoice and the receipt in PDF format for your records.

Next Steps

Below are two articles that we recommend reading and the best next steps.


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