How do Salesforce reports works?

We have several custom objects that store Mailchimp data in Salesforce.  These objects can be used in Salesforce reporting.  In our package, we provide some sample reports, found within the app in various locations by clicking the reports button.  We also have a Salesforce reports folder that can be accessed using the standard Salesforce reports tab.

Also in the package are several Salesforce report types you can use to build your own Salesforce reports -

  1. Mailchimp Accounts
  2. Mailchimp Audience
  3. Mailchimp Campaigns
  4. Mailchimp Email Activities
  5. Mailchimp Group Categories
  6. Mailchimp Groups
  7. Mailchimp Imports
  8. Mailchimp List Histories
  9. Mailchimp Members
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