How can I remove a tag using the Salesforce integration

Individual Records

If you need to change tags for an individual member, you can do so directly via our member component. This method is suitable for making one-off adjustments or corrections to a member’s tags. There are two ways to get to the membership component.

1. From the Salesforce Audience record, select Members. Next to a member record, click the dropdown and select View Member Detail. Under Groups & Tags, you can remove or assign Mailchimp Tags.

2. Using our Mailchimp Membership component, which appears on a Salesforce Contact or lead.  Next to an audience record, click the dropdown and select view member detail. Under Groups & Tags, you can remove or assign Mailchimp Tags.

Data Wizard

The data wizard offers a powerful way to efficiently manage tags for multiple members. Here’s how it works:

  1. Tag Replacement: The data wizard has an option to replace tags. Each time the wizard runs, it will remove all existing tags from the members and replace them with those selected in the data wizard.

  2. Consistent Tag Updates: Every time the data wizard runs, it ensures that the tags are consistently updated according to the selected criteria. This is useful for maintaining uniform tagging across your member database.

  3. Overwriting Existing Tags: If a member is assigned a different tag during a different import, the data wizard will overwrite this with the tags specified during its next run. This ensures that only the tags selected in the data wizard remain, eliminating any previously assigned tags.

  4. Tag Overwrites: Any tags added manually or through other imports will be overwritten the next time the data wizard runs with the replace tags option enabled.
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