How can I map the birthdate field?

The birthdate field in Mailchimp is specifically designed to hold only the date and month details of a person's birthdate, excluding the year. This limitation is important to remember, especially if you're planning to integrate Mailchimp data with Salesforce.

For those who require the complete birthdate, including the year, Mailchimp recommends using a separate date field. This is because a complete date field typically necessitates a year to be fully functional and compliant with standard date formats.

When it comes to mapping data from Mailchimp to Salesforce, it's important to note that the birthdate field from Mailchimp can only be synchronized with a text field in Salesforce. This is due to the absence of the year in Mailchimp's birthdate field, which prevents a direct mapping to Salesforce's date field type. Salesforce's date fields require a full date, including the year.

In summary, if you're working with birthdate information in Mailchimp and need to integrate this data with Salesforce, you'll need to:

  • Use a separate date field in Mailchimp to store the birth year if it's required.
  • Map the Mailchimp birthdate field to a Salesforce text field to accommodate the absence of the year in the Mailchimp field.
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