How does Salesforce work with Campaign Monitor signup forms?

For most customers, Salesforce is the source of truth, and therefore data flows from it to other systems. Consider the Salesforce Web-to-lead form feature if you need to capture information from a signup form. Or there are several third-party tools on the Salesforce AppExchange. With the data safely stored in Salesforce, you can push that data to Campaign Monitor via our import wizard. Campaign Monitor does allow you to create signup forms. But keep in mind the data will be captured and stored as subscriber list membership records in Campaign Monitor, outside of Salesforce.

The primary sync, which typically runs every hour, will create your subscriber list membership records in Salesforce using our integration. If the email address on the subscriber list membership record matches the standard email field on a Salesforce contact or lead, they will be linked. If not, they will still be created but not linked to a contact or lead. Using our field mappings feature, in the direction of Campaign Monitor to Salesforce, you can choose to update matched records. You can also use field mappings combined with the create records feature to create new contacts or leads.

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