How can I work with Salesforce Web to Leads?

The first step is to create your web to lead form and add this to your website.  Salesforce trailhead has some guidance click here to learn more. Once the web to lead form is working and creating leads in Salesforce, you have two primary options to add them to Campaign Monitor.

  1. The import wizard
  2. Subscriber rules

Whenever we add a record to Campaign Monitor, we do many checks. If you don’t see the email added to Campaign Monitor, check our audit tool to see why.

If you use the import wizard and want to add all leads created, you can use the standard Today's Leads list view. The import wizard can be scheduled to run as often as every hour of every day if needed.

Subscriber rules run instantly as soon as a record meets the criteria. However, they run as the user that triggered the rule, so ensure users have one of our permission sets to avoid permission issues. See: Permissions

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