Release Notes

Whenever we release a new feature or improvement we will update the section below. New versions are automatically pushed to Salesforce organisations on a regular basis. You can also manually upgrade by going to our Listing and click the get it now button.

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March 16, 2021

Platform Events

Spring 21 included some new feature for Salesforce ISVs to work with platform events. These will help the product in regard to error reporting and will be a feature we build upon going forward.

Prevent multiple replace import wizards

Our Audience database is not syncing correctly with all our subaccounts. For example, we have an alumni segment for all contacts that are an alumnus of the fraternity, and those email addresses are not correctly in sync with the information in Salesforce. Additionally, not all subaccounts are in sync with one another.
Each have the same conditions but do not have the sale number of contacts, and some emails are out-of-date.
Using Texas State’s chapter as an example, all Segments are set up to look for “Chapter of Initiation” to be “Texas State University” and for “Member Status” to be “Alumni” or “Alumnus” and are set as so in Salesforce. Below is a breakdown of what the raw numbers look like currently.
In Salesforce:
Texas State Alumni – 157 Contacts
In Emma:
Beta Upsilon Chi (Main Subaccount)
Texas State Alumni Segments – 101 Contacts
Beta Upsilon Chi – Texas State
Alumni Segment – 127 Contacts


January 21, 2021

Expose disable trigger options

Although it is very rare you might need to disable our product triggers. This new feature allows you to turn triggers on or off easily, to learn more click here.

Uninstall Process for Emma

To help make the process of uninstalling our product as easy as possible, should the need arise, we have provided an automated process. Click here to learn more.