Do you offer product demos?

Eventbrite for Salesforce is largely self-service, we do provide product-based email support but we don't offer phone support or have a sales team.  It is worth bearing that in mind when making a purchasing decision. To help we have put some useful information below:

The best place to start is by watching our demo video.

Eventbrite for Salesforce is a native Salesforce application built by Beaufort12 that integrates both systems and securely pushes data back and forth between Salesforce and Eventbrite to provide a seamless experience. If you are new to Eventbrite then it is essential that you are happy with how their application works.

Beaufort 12 - Eventbrite for Salesforce
On our side (Salesforce integration), we primarily move data between both systems and make it easy for you to add your Salesforce records to Eventbrite's events, and allow you to better manage events from within Salesforce. It is part of our integrated apps suite that allows you to obtain a 360 marketing view in Salesforce. We also pull back information from Eventbrite, like attendees, leads status, or campaigns

Another good way to get to grips with the integration is to install our free, fully-featured 14-day trial.  You can install this in either your sandbox or production Salesforce environment (or both if you need to). This article shows how easy the product is to install and set up

Billing occurs monthly from your date of purchase. Pricing is based on the number of attendees you have had in the last rolling 12 months. We use this number against our pricing tiers. See: Eventbrite for Salesforce Pricing

For example, if you had 10 events in the last 12 months with 20 attendees for each event, then your number of attendees for the last 12 months would be 200. This would fall into tier 0 - 1,000. I.e. the charge would be $25 for that month.

Each month we check the number of attendees you have had for the last 12 months and use that to determine the monthly fee. We only count attendees that were associated with an event that was not cancelled. The date is based on the End date of the event. As a Salesforce checkout product, you can only purchase our product via monthly card payment.  There is no option to purchase by invoice or annually.

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