Can I automatically create custom questions and mappings?

Once you have created custom questions and mappings, you may want to apply them to future events. You can copy questions and mappings from another event.  To do this;


1. Go to the Eventbrite event record in Salesforce
2. Click Questions / Answers
3. Click the Create button
4. Select Copy Questions from Existing Event
5. Select the Eventbrite event you want to copy from
6. Click Copy Questions


To give you the maximum flexibility, we have built an invocable action that can be used with a Salesforce flow. It is important to note that we don't support flows or custom development. If in any doubt, please contact your Salesforce administrator or consultant. When you start to build your flow, ensure you are using an Asynchronous path.

I have put the steps below but we also have this step by step guide which shows the whole process end to end -


  1. Click Create Action and look for - Clone Eventbrite Question Mappings.
  2. Ensure the invocable action is in an asynchronous path as it is making a callout (as above).
  3. The From Event Id is the Eventbrite Name value (e.g. 732646845437) you are copying from. 
  4. The To Event Id is the Eventbrite event you are copying the questions and mappings to. The variable for that is {!$Record.Name}

Like any Salesforce custom development, ensure you fully understand and test the flow before deploying.

Import Notes

1. We don't support flows.
2. The automatic invocable action uses the same code as the manual method, a good way to test is to use the manual copy option.
3. If the event you are copying to has the same question then the flow won't work.

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