Why has a subscriber been set to deleted in Campaign Monitor?

There are several ways subscribers in Campaign Monitor can be set to 'deleted' status using our integration.

  1. Manual Deletion: If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can manually change the status of subscribers directly within Salesforce or Campaign Monitor. 

  2. Through an Invocable Action: Invocable actions can be used in Salesforce flows, process builder, or custom code. While this technique is not the most commonly used, it is still an option if you need to automate the process.

  3. Via a 'Delete Subscriber' Rule: Similar to flows but easier to set up you can create a delete rule on your subscriber list for either contacts or leads. Once set up and when the rule is triggered the contact or lead will be set to deleted in Campaign Monitor.

  4. By Utilizing one of the 'remove' Option in our Import Wizard: The most popular and commonly used method is one of the 'remove' option in our Import Wizard. This works by comparing the import from Salesforce against the active subscribers already on the Campaign Monitor subscriber list.  If they are not in the import they will be set to deleted.

If you are trying to find out why a record has been set to deleted we'd recommend first going to the affected subscriber list in Salesforce and looking for any import wizard schedules or delete subscriber rules.

If you're interested in diving deeper into how these features work and how to use them, we have prepared detailed guides for you;

  1. Subscriber Rules: Visit our support page here to understand more about creating and managing subscriber rules.

  2. Import Wizard: By default, the import wizard will add records but you can enable the 'replace' option, visit this page for more information.

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