Troubleshooting Email Opt Out Checkbox

Salesforce has a standard email opt-out field which can be found on the contact or lead objects. We do provide several options allowing you to work with this field. To review these options in Salesforce, please click this link.  This is a link to the dedicated article on email opt-out.

Please keep in mind that Campaign Monitor allows a subscriber (email address) to be part of multiple lists with different states. For this reason, we feel that the Salesforce email opt-out field is not the best option as it cannot deal with multiple subscriber list membership states. 

The best practice is to use our subscriber list membership related-list. This is automatically added to the standard contact and lead page layout when you initially set up our product. Membership records and their state will be updated every time the primary sync runs.

Please check out the points below if you have enabled the option(s) to work with the email opt-out field, but it is not updating as expected.

Contact or Lead

  1. Check that there are no duplicate email addresses in Salesforce.
  2. Check the subscriber list membership-related list (shown above) on the contact or lead to ensure there are no active records. 
  3. Check the subscriber is not in a state of Bounced.
  4. Can you manually update the email opt-out field?
  5. Click on a subscriber list membership record, then click on the refresh button, is the process successful?

Sync Settings

The primary sync, which runs every hour by default, contains a process that updates the email opt-out field. 

  1. Click here to go to the sync settings page and ensure the primary sync is running.
  2. Perform a full refresh, and this will reload in the subscriber list membership records and then run the email opt-out batch job.
  3. Check to see if there are any custom triggers, validation rules, or processes resulting in the email opt-out checkbox not being updated.
  4. We do try to capture issues via our maintenace screen which is an option on the side menu (shown above).

If you have tried all of these option but are still seeing problems please contact us.

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