Can I map data in both directions?

Data can be mapped in both directions using a combination of our import wizard and field mappings. 

Import Wizard
  • Will push data from Salesforce to Campaign Monitor.
  • It can be scheduled to run as often as every hour of every day
  • It can add new records and update existing field mappings in Campaign Monitor.
We recommend when setting up your import source to apply a filter so that only recently modified Salesforce records are included. For more information on the import wizard please click here.

Field Mappings
  • Will push data from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce.
  • It runs as part of the primary sync, which by default runs every hour.
  • Can be used when updating records or creating new ones.
For more information on the field mappings please click here.

Important notes:
  • It is worth noting that there is no conflict resolution in this solution, and each direction's timings must be considered.
  • When implementing this solution, be sure to run the sync once from the source of truth to the other system (so they are aligned) before enabling the sync in the other direction.
  • If you need to map Salesforce checkbox fields, please see our FAQ on checkbox-handling .
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