Release Notes

Below is a list of all recent updates across every product.

Eventbrite for Salesforce


June 25, 2024

Increase Campaign Member Status Limit

Salesforce has a hard limit when working with campaign member statuses. This update allows to better cater for that limit.

Mailchimp for Salesforce


June 14, 2024

Support for Email Opt Out

This latest update allows you to keep the standard email opt out field found on the contact or lead in sync with Mailchimp.

Sort object list when viewing List View objects within Data Wizard

Sort object list when viewing List View objects within Data Wizard

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


May 24, 2024

Improve confirmed opt-in messaging

This update improves the messaging around confirmed opt in when creating or updating a subscriber list.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


May 17, 2024

Change to column label on Subscriber List Members page

This improvement updates the columns found on the subscriber list members component.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


April 24, 2024

Improve reporting on Import Wizard jobs

Improve reporting on Import Wizard jobs

Eventbrite for Salesforce


April 4, 2024

Audit purge data events

This update will show a log if a user has purged Eventbrite Events via the audit screen found in maintenance.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


March 29, 2024

Subscriber Timeline

The subscriber timeline component shows audit information within a lightning component.

Eventbrite for Salesforce


March 21, 2024

Allow custom reports to show in Eventbrite reports

This update allows you to store your own custom reports within our report buttons.

Store Event Descriptions

Currently Eventbrite descriptions are surfaced in real time. This update stores the description within Salesforce, so it’s available for reporting with Salesforce.

Allow Eventbrite coupon codes to be created from Salesforce

This update all you to use an invocable action to create an Eventbrite coupon from Salesforce.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


March 8, 2024

Custom Transactional Email Variables

This feature is only available when calling Transactional Emails via code and is intended for advanced users. It allows email variables to set as part of Salesforce flow.

Eventbrite for Salesforce


February 14, 2024

Add Tickets Sold to Salesforce Campaign

This updated allows you to map total tickets sold to the Salesforce Campaign object.

Emma for Salesforce


February 9, 2024

Increase the number of groups returned

This update increases the number of Emma groups returned from 500 to 1000.

Eventbrite for Salesforce


January 25, 2024

Automatic Security Rule Assignment

This update adds automated assignment of permission sets via security rules to Eventbrite.

Allow the Campaign Name to be formatted with custom dates

This improvement allows the Campaign Name pattern to include date formatting.

Emma for Salesforce


January 3, 2024

Sort merge fields on Import Wizard

This update applies a sort to fields on Import Wizard and it also hide and deleted/archived merge fields.

Optionally disable Emma Members from syncing to Salesforce

This new option allows you to select an Emma account and disable the Emma members sync.  This will stop members in that connected account from being created in Salesforce.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


December 19, 2023

Improve Maintenance Notifications

We have made some improvements around maintenance notifications

Emma for Salesforce


December 15, 2023

Negative numbers in Salesforce reports

If you have a negative number in Salesforce mapped to a negative number field in Campaign Monitor, via the import wizard, using a report the minus symbol is removed. This update puts the minus symbol back to show the number is negative in Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


December 15, 2023

Accept 1, 0, yes, no for boolean values.

We have made changes so that field mappings to a Salesforce boolean field accepts 1, 0, yes, no values.

Bypass queue when sending transactional emails

This update allows you to bypass the queue in Salesforce when sending transactional emails.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


November 30, 2023

Support embedded quotes within transactional email fields

Previously using a combination of brackets and quotes <strong test="one"> would cause the transactional email to fail. This update improves the encoding of the data before being sent to Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


November 27, 2023

Negative numbers in Salesforce reports

This update improves support for negative numbers in Salesforce reports when importing via the import wizard.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


November 21, 2023

Screen size issues with Field mapping transactional

Support for longer field names in transactional mapped fields.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


November 20, 2023

Report overlapping "replace" import wizards jobs

This update improves support when working with the replace option on imports.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


November 16, 2023

Support Platform User with the Import Wizard

This update provides added support for Platform User working with the Import Wizard.

Eventbrite for Salesforce


October 24, 2023

Improve syncing answers

This update adds better support and error handling when syncing answers.

All clone invocable action to work with Salesforce record Id

This update adds support when working with the Salesforce record Id.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce


August 29, 2023

Ignore field mappings when subscriber not active

This improvement will ignore field mappings when the subscriber is not active and syncing from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce.

Eventbrite for Salesforce


August 23, 2023

Assign Leads Using Assignment Rules

This improvement allows newly created leads to use assignment rules.

Eventbrite for Salesforce


July 13, 2023

Set Campaign to Active when Draft, Live or Started

When we create a Salesforce campaign it will now be marked active if the corresponding Eventbrite event is draft, live or started.

Optionally re-parent previously linked Leads, Contacts and Accounts

This improvement allows you to re-parent previously linked lead, contact or account records as part of the full sync. When selecting a full sync you check to have records reparented.

Clone Events

This new feature allows you to clone an Eventbrite event from the corresponding Salesforce record.