Release Notes

Whenever we release a new feature or improvement we will update the section below. New versions are automatically pushed to Salesforce organisations on a regular basis. You can also manually upgrade by going to our Listing and click the get it now button.

If you would prefer not to have updates pushed to your Salesforce organisation, please Contact us.


March 11, 2021

Platform Events

Spring 21 included some new feature for Salesforce ISVs to work with platform events. These will help the product in regard to error reporting and will be a feature we build upon going forward.


March 9, 2021

Better Error Reporting when creating Contacts or Leads

If mappings are configured to create Leads or Contacts, we now report any errors in the Maintenance logs. E.g. if a mapped field like Country does not exist in Salesforce.


March 3, 2021

Additional field support

We have now added the following fields to the Eventbrite Order object so they can be mapped into the Opportunities.

  • Event Start
  • Event End
  • Event Name

Eventbrite Questions & Answers

Eventbrite Questions and Answers have received a major update. It is not possible to:

1. Create Questions

2. Clone Questions from another Event

3. Map Answers to Contacts or Leads

To learn more please check out the dedicated support article -


February 11, 2021

Support for online event links

If the event is online, a button will now display on the event details page that navigates directly to the Online home page for that event within Eventbrite. The page shows any links, zoom calls, youtube videos etc associate with the event.

Net Sales and Tickets sold.

To aid reporting in Salesforce we have added net sales and tickets sold fields to our event object. This will allow you to create reports and dashboards.


January 29, 2021

New fields to capture the organiser of the event.

We have added new fields to capture the organiser of event in Salesforce