Why are records missing from my import?

Our integration can add records in a few different ways. The most common approach used is our import wizard. If you have bulk added records possibly using a report or list view you might see a difference in the number of records versus what is added to Emma. Below is a list of possible issues:
  1. The email address is empty
  2. The email address is invalid
  3. The email address is duplicated within the source
  4. The email address is missing from the source (i.e. report, list view, Salesforce Campaign)
  5. The email address already exists in Emma
  6. The email opt-out field is checked (not applicable for the import wizard)
It is worth checking the above exceptions to see if your records meet the criteria. If you do find a record that should be added and does not meet the criteria above please try our audit feature
  1. Go to the Emma App in Salesforce and click on Emma Home
  2. Click Members
  3. Click the Email Audit button and add the email address to see why it is not going across.
This should give you immediate feedback as to why the record could not be added.
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