Do you offer product demos?

Emma for Salesforce is largely self-service, we do provide product-based email support but we don't offer phone support or have a sales team.  It is worth bearing that in mind when making a purchasing decision. To help we have put some useful information below:

Emma for Salesforce is the integration between both systems. If you are new to Emma, then it is essential that you are happy with how their application works. Amongst other things, Emma's mass email solution will handle how you build your email templates, create and deliver your campaigns.

Beaufort 12 - Emma for Salesforce
Our integration primarily moves data between Salesforce and Emma.  We make it easy for you to add your Salesforce records to Emma's audience, and to keep them up to date.  We also pull back information from Emma, like a person subscriber status or email tracking history from mass emails.  To help you understand this better, we have created an overview video that covers these key points.  

Another good way to get to grips with the integration is to install our free, fully-featured 14-day trial.  You can install this in either your sandbox or production Salesforce environment (or both if you need to). This article shows how easy the product is to install and setup.

Our integration is charged based on the number of active subscribers. An active subscriber is an email address in Emma that is active (i.e., not unsubscribed, bounced, etc.) We use that number against our tiered pricing model. So, for example, if you have between 10,001 - 25,000 active subscribers, your cost will be US$55 per month. For more detailed information on billing, see this article. For non-profits, we provide a 15% discount after you sign up. 
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