Working with Salesforce Parent Campaigns

Out of the box, our product will not create Salesforce campaigns. You can enable this feature via our mappings screen found within settings. When set up, every time our sync runs, Salesforce campaigns will be created based on Eventbrite events.

We don't link the Salesforce campaigns we create to a parent campaign. Largely due to the variety and complexity of our customer's different needs. Instead, we recommend using Salesforce Flows.

Salesforce Flows are a platform feature we don't support, but your administrator, developer, or consultant can build a flow to solve this automation problem. Below is one example of how a flow could look to allow Salesforce campaign to be linked to a parent Salesforce campaign. If you need a Salesforce consultant, please get in touch, and we can recommend a partner.

As you will see, the flow is quite easy to set up. But like all development work, only a person familiar with flows should attempt this. We strongly recommend using a Salesforce sandbox and testing thoroughly before using it in production.

New Flow

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup
  2. In quick find type Flows
  3. Under process automation, click Flows
  4. On the top right, click the New Flow button
  5. Choose Record-Triggered Flow

Configure Start

You can choose your entry conditions (point 3). We have put a simple example set just below.

  1. Object - Campaign
  2. Trigger the flow When: - A record is created or updated.  
  3. Set Entry Conditions - All Conditions Are Met (AND) there are two field conditions -
    1. Condition 1 - When our integration creates a Salesforce campaign, we populate the Eventbrite Event Id field. It can be a useful way to only work with those created by the Eventbrite integration.
      1. Field - eb4sf__Eventbrite_Event_Id__c 
      2. Operator - Is Null 
      3. Value - False
    2. Condition 2
      1. Field - Name 
      2. Operator - Contains
      3. Value - Example 
  4. When to Run the Flow for Updated Records - Only when a record is updated to meet the condition requirements
  5. Optimize the Flow for - Actions and Related Records 
  6. Click Done

This is an image to show how the screen should look -

Update Records

Between the start and end, click the plus symbol.

  1. Label - SetParentId
  2. Description - Set the Id to link the Salesforce campaign to the specified parent campaign.
  3. How to Find Records to Update and Set Their Values - Use the campaign record that triggered the flow
  4. Set Filter Conditions - None - Always Update Record
  5. Set Field Values for the Campaign Record - 
    1. Field - ParentIdField
    2. Value - The record Id of the Salesforce Campaign you want to parent to e.g. 7011j000001JS87AAG

This is an image to show how the screen should look -

With the flow in place, you can Save and Activate. Once activated, you can test the flow to ensure it meets your needs.

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