Why has an Eventbrite answer not synced to Salesforce?

There are several reasons why an answer might not have synced to Salesforce.  But to help we have provided an in-built validation tool that can be run at the attendee level.  So you can quickly check to find the problem, simply:

1. Go to the Salesforce Eventbrite Event record.
2. Click on the Orders / Attendees sub-menu option.
3. On the far right of the attendee, there is a dropdown click this and select validate rules.

This process will run various rule checks against the selected attendee:
  • Attendee 
  • Campaign
  • Campaign Member
  • Answers
Should there be an issue a message will appear showing the problem, please see this example for reference - https://b12.d.pr/i/uKb0Qc
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