Why are events missing in Salesforce?

Missing events can happen for several reasons. Below is a list of things to check.  Check each item in the order below and then move on if it does not solve the issue.

  1. Go to the sync settings page and check that the last sync was successful and recent.
  2. On the same page, check that the Salesforce Storage Settings look correct and would not filter out the event(s) you are missing.
  3. Try running a Full Eventbrite Sync by clicking the dropdown next to the Sync Now button.
  4. Please check the maintenance screen if the Full Eventbrite Sync runs, but the record is still missing.

If you have performed all of the checks above and there are no maintenance messages, this is rare and would suggest a problem specific to this Salesforce org. At this point, you can contact us for help, and we can, with grant login access, check our developer logs within your Salesforce org.

If that does not help, we need to see if the problem is replicable in a clean environment. To do this, we would recommend creating a dedicated sandbox from your Salesforce production org.  You can then connect Eventbrite to your sandbox and allow it to run without any other setup.  If the Eventbrite events are still missing, this indicates a conflict with custom code or processes.  A sandbox allows you to disable custom code and processes.  Once disabled, you can run a Full Eventbrite Sync as described above.

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