How do I work with the NPSP Household feature?

It is worth noting that the Salesforce not-for-profit success pack (NPSP) is made up of several custom packages. These packages are not the standard Salesforce platform and have been designed to override behavior with custom code. In addition, there are many ways to use and set up the NPSP.

We have built Eventbrite for Salesforce to work with the standard Salesforce platform, not specifically the NPSP.  We also have many Salesforce nonprofit customers, some of which use the NPSP.  If you are working with the households feature of the NPSP we have some guidance below.


The households package is designed to create a Salesforce account when a contact is created without the account name field being populated. 

The Eventbrite for Salesforce integration has the possibility of creating contacts.  If you want to enable this feature, but still use the household feature you simply need to ensure you don't create accounts.

This will mean a contact will be created without the account name field being populated, which in turn will trigger the household feature to create an account and link it to the contact record.

This screenshot ( and the steps below should help
  1. Go to the Eventbrite admin app.
  2. Click on the Eventbrite settings tab.
  3. Click the mappings option.
  4. In the creation rule section:
    1. Select create contact
    2. Select do not create an account
  5. Click Save
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