How do I re-parent records?

The Eventbrite integration can create standard records (contacts, leads, accounts, campaigns, campaign members, or opportunities) but out of the box, this is turned off.  When we create Eventbrite order and attendee records in Salesforce, we will attempt to match them to existing contacts or leads using the standard email address. If a match cannot be found, the Eventbrite order or attendee record will be created but will not be linked.

Changing how a record is matched

If you change to matching rules or are already using matching rules and change to a different rule, this will not re-link existing records. You can force the re-parent process of Eventbrite attendee and order records by running a full sync.

Creating standard records

Our application will never delete standard records i.e. contacts, leads, accounts, campaigns, campaign members, or opportunities. If they have been created in error, they will need to be manually deleted. Like any other standard Salesforce record.

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