Do you update Eventbrite records after the event has ended?

The short answer is yes.  We use the last change date, visible on the Eventbrite event record in Salesforce.   We also add a buffer of 90 days from that date. 

Why do we have a buffer? 

Eventbrite API will bring back all events if we don't apply some filters.  This can be a very expensive operation regarding Salesforce resources and processes.  Typically changes are picked up when the last change date is updated, but to give extra comfort we also have the buffer.  This ensures we only look at a subset of data instead of every Eventbrite event and its child records.

Can I decrease or increase the buffer?
The buffer change be changed from our maintenance screen.  But keep in mind that any change can have an impact (positive and negative) on the overall processing of the sync.
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